Welcome to the Irish Writers’ Centre (IWC) blog. If you are an Irish literature enthusiast or a writer of any kind –amateur, emerging, or prolific and well-known- you are in the right place. Irish literature is big business, with millions of tourists drawn to Ireland and its capital each year, seeking out our great authors of the past. They also come for the writers of today as Dublin has just become the most recent UNESCO City of Literature.

We aim to celebrate the incredible contribution Ireland’s modern day writers make to Ireland’s culture, economy and historical legacy here, so if you’re after dusty old quotes from Joyce or Wilde, this might not be the blog for you.

We’ll keep you abreast of what’s great and good in the current literary scene in Dublin and around the rest of the country. We’ll keep you up-to-date with events happening here at the Irish Writers’ Centre and at other great venues and bring you views, reviews, interviews and a world of literary news!

We are still developing this blog and it’s just the beginning of our adventure as bloggers, so let us know if you have any comments or feedback.

We invite you visit the site regularly and be a part of the Irish literary community!

6 Responses to About

  1. Hello
    I tried to sign up to your newsletter but was not able to connect through your web page, however if you get this I do want the newsletter, please.

    I am a member of Wicklow Writers group, ten years going this year.
    We have premises where we meet on Monday nights, so we would not need to use your premises. However is there an Associate or Writer Group Membership whereby we could link to the Centre and perhaps hold our AGM, or Launch there..

    hope to hear from you, thanks
    Martin Swords

  2. Susan Lanigan

    Hello everyone

    I just had a look at the IWC and I understand the John McKenna workshop is on in a few days’ time. Was wondering if there were any update on the competition (well, to be honest, I was wondering if I got in!)

    Thanks very much for your help

    All the best


  3. im fron Tyneside, North east England but i actively contribute to my site. I read irish authors and without all of these sites id probably never get to know of them ..Many thanks

  4. I can’t see how to follow your blog. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks,

  5. Mei Jones

    Hi, I was listening to RTE 1 radio this morning (Wednesday 2.5.12) & there was mention of the Hennessy Irish Writing magazine. I live in Wales, does anyone know whether it is possible to buy this magazine outside Ireland? (assuming, that it, there is such a magazine).
    Mei Jones

  6. Our new Irish studies books are out next month:

    A Chastened Communion: Modern Irish Poetry and Catholicism by Andrew Auge
    The Banshees: A Literary History of Irish American Women Writers by Sally Barr Ebest

    Let me know if you would like to receive a copy of either.

    Syracuse University Press

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